This year RE/MAX Internationals ad theme is "for all the things that move you".  It's focus is about all the life events that cause folks to move.  Well, the Savage Team figured that out last year and I like to think we are a little ahead of our time.  Last year our theme was "Life Changes" and it was about the same thing.  The reason we built our marketing campaign on that was because we realized that in a down market people don't move unless there is a life changing event.  But, those happen all the time.  A couple gets married, they have a baby or two, someone looses a job, someone passes away and the list goes on.  Despite down real estate markets people will always have to move, not necessary because they want to, but because they have to.  When your life changes and circumstance MOVE you, we hope you will call the Savage Team to help you with that transition.